Boss Girls Studios is graphic design studio and a boutique style social media marketing agency that helps female entrepreneurs dominate with their online fashion boutique. We help you build a unique brand identity and combine it with powerful marketing strategies so that you stand out and soar amongst your competition.


We are your personal social media team and guide to dominating the e-commerce fashion industry. There’s a growing number of fresh fashion and beauty entrepreneurs launching a business online, everyday. As a result, it has become harder and harder to stand out. That is where we come in. We help you dominate in a market that’s overly saturated by helping you build a unique brand identity and marketing strategies - all geared toward helping you soar among your competition. Only the top dogs WIN so if you’re ready to build a not so cliche BRAND, you’ve come to the right place.

Schedule a call to learn how we’re helping fashion brands everywhere expand online and how we can help you.

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(Support for beauty brands coming soon! Please stay updated & follow us on Instagram to know when we’ll be of service to you)

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